Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't Knock It Til You've Read It

I don't necessarily want this site to be about everything creepy, but we just can't help but love these spooky stories. "The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall" by Mary Downing Hahn tells the story of a young girl who is an orphan. Growing up in a girl's home, she is surprised to learn she has a wealthy uncle that has requested she be sent to his rambling mansion to live. There are shocking secrets and creepy mysteries within this book and you never quite know how it will end. Today's topic is all about giving kids what they love and if the answer is mystery, horror or thriller, some times you just have to let them have it for the sake of reading a book at all. The greatest mistake that can be made in the quest to get your child to read, would be to "force" the types of books on them you would have them read. If a great ghost story is not your idea of entertainment, don't knock it if you haven't read it. Test the waters and give that book a try. You just might end up understanding the allure it has for your children.

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